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Why are the portrait and family session packages priced so low? 

Each year I invest in the improvement and growth of my business. In 2021, I decided to make an investment in you- as you all are why I love my job so much. It has always been a dream of mine to offer high-quality services to as many individuals and families as possible. To reach for this dream- I lowered my session fee for these session types. This makes what I do fully customizable. Those who want just a few images can get them at a fair price. While those who want more, can "value-up" and buy the entire gallery. This is probably the most meaningful investment I have ever made in my business. Thank you all for allowing me to do what I love every day! 

What is a portrait session?

A portrait session is a one-on-one experience between you and the photographer. These packages were created to capture and preserve some of life’s most meaningful milestones- ranging from senior to professional headshots.
Although I believe many of life’s moments are worthy of capturing, some of its’ events are more singular in nature. I’m sure you can understand why I would then make the distinction between portrait and family packages.

Where does a newborn session take place?

It’s entirely up to you- the hospital, your home, or the YCP studio.

The "Fresh 48" type of session takes place in the hospital or in your home. This is a lifestyle session- fashioned so you can remember your first memories with baby. Here are a few neat concepts to consider having captured during this session- name and newborn stats, first bath, breastfeeding, first time meeting sibling(s). This session can last up to an hour.

Or a newborn session in your home- This is a quiet, one-on-one session with your newborn. The ideal window of time for taking these photographs is within the first 3-5 days following birth. The baby’s comfort is always paramount as the goal this session in the home is to hallmark baby’s brand-new features. Along with capturing baby’s features, the sentimentality of this type of shoot is beyond compare as it usually takes place on Mom & Dad’s bed and/or baby’s nursery. This session can last up to 2 hours.

What time of the day do photo sessions take place?
This depends on what type of session you are considering.
Birth & Newborn sessions are the ONLY packages that I shoot indoors. Births are unpredictable and are therefore taken WHENEVER the baby decides to make his/her appearance. Based on the location of the newborn session, we can decide on the best, most well-lit option and time of day.

For all other photography packages- I’m a natural light photographer. So- I like to shoot when the sunlight is at its’ best which is an hour to an hour and a half following sunrise and before sunset. This allows for two primo lighting situations each day- one in the morning & one in the evening. Trust me- it’s called golden hour for a reason!

Where will we go for our session?
Based on what outdoor features you like the most, I have a small selection of locations that I love to take clients. Once you have filled out your client questionnaire we can pick a site.

What should we wear?
This depends on what time of the year your session is scheduled. During the spring and summer months I recommend wearing soft and cool colors, with fun patterns and accessories to tie your outfits together. While in the fall and winter seasons I recommend layering your outfits with cardigans, sweaters, scarves to be paired with and complimented by warm, neutral pops of color.

Should I bring anything to the session?
Please bring everything that you will need to keep your hair and makeup looking fresh. In addition to that- if you have children please plan on bringing snacks and comfort objects to keep them happy, comfortable, and cooperative during the shoot.
I try to keep your moments as authentic as possible. If you want something featured during your session please bring it.

What will you bring to the session?
I will always bring a quilt, my camera equipment, and a step stool.
For newborn shoots, but upon request only, I can bring a blanket, crate, a basket, 4 cheesecloth swaddles, and/or a bean bag.

What angles are most flattering for women?
We all have insecurities about how we look and feel in pictures. But- communication is key. If we communicate about these items ahead of time, then I will have an even better idea of how to place and direct you during our session.
Usually down, side angles are most flattering for women- of all ages

What angles are most flattering for men?
Usually up angles are great for men- as it helps them to establish a strong and masculine presence in the photographs.
You are probably thinking- “Women and men photograph well from completely opposite angles. How do you make that work when they need to be photographed together?” Opposites attract- which means I utilize both to see which looks best in your instance.


I don't like to be posed. Do you pose?

The  word "posed" takes us all back in time to when we were forced into a department store studio- normally by our mom- where we were made to sit on a bench against a gray backdrop with our hands placed on our knees and smile. I think we can agree- NONE of us want to go back to that. But truth be told- great pictures do not just happen. They are created! This is why before the session even starts- I will teach to you "basic poses"- ways place your hands and position your body- that are inherently flattering and natural. This is to help you feel confident & comfortable in front of the camera. At different points throughout the session I will draw your attention to the camera for the more "posed" shots but for the most part we will just be having fun. I spark these fun & candid interactions through prompts or questions. Like- "Tell me something about your personality using only your eyebrows" "What's your favorite breakfast cereal?" "If you were a smell what would you be?" "If you could have a superpower what would it be?" It is safe to say that an average finished collection includes about 2-3 different backgrounds so you can expect that 15-20% of your images to be "posed" and 80% to be candid.    

When can I expect to get my pictures?
Turnaround time is very important to me which is why I will be working around the clock to have your collection completed and to you within 3-5 days of our session.

How are pictures sent to me once edited?
It’s as simple as this- via email. I use Pixieset to store and present my work to all my clients.  This is why your accurate contact information is so important to this process.


How do I download my images?

You can download your images to your computer in two different versions- web and/or high resolution. Web resolution images are compressed and sharpened slightly which makes them best for use on websites, social media sites & sharing, and to be saved or viewed on devices other than a computer. Whereas- high resolution images are for printing. These are the images to put on announcements, invitations, frame, put in an album or photo book.  


Using your download PIN, you can download your gallery straight onto your computer. The gallery will download into a zipped file. So all you will have to do is extract the files. You can do this by right clicking on the zipped file. You should see "extract" or "open with". When you click on that it will allow you to then view the images in a normal folder setting. 

What payments types are accepted? And- when do I pay for the session?
I currently accept cash, Zelle transfers, checks, and credit/debit. I prefer that you pay me once you have seen and are satisfied with your collection. I'm a satisfaction guaranteed kind of a gal!

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