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What to Wear? Decide On Your Outfit. 

The most frequently asked question of them all.  

Here are 8 outfit ideas and tips to allow your baby bump to be the star of your maternity shoot and make your preparations as easy as pie!

1.        Fitted Or Flowy? Wearing a tight, fitted maternity dress that shows off all your beautiful curves looks absolutely stunning. However, I also love a flowy, maxi dress as it is incredibly flattering for any shape or size and can hide some of those troublesome areas. Also, the flowing fabric looks amazing in the wind and can create a lot of movement in a photo. Both options make stunning photos. The choice is entirely yours!


2.       Maternity Dress - Yay Or Nay? To be honest you can wear anything that works for you. It doesn’t have to be a maternity dress, it can just be any dress or outfit you like and feel comfortable in.


3.        Choose Soft, Natural And Solid Colors. When choosing your outfit colors, draw your inspiration from the beautiful surroundings here in Fort Wayne as that will ensure that the colors blend effortlessly with the natural elements rather than competing with them. Soft, solid colors are always great as they shift the focus on your belly and make it stand out more than other patterns. White/ivory, blush/pink, light blue are some of the most popular colors for maternity shoots.


4.       Don’t be Matchy-Matchy. Try to coordinate your colors from an overall color scheme to compliment each family member rather than match each other.


5.       Belt It. Especially if you are wearing a loosely fitted dress, try to find a cute and simple skinny belt to accentuate that baby bump. This will help define your waistline and enhance any shirt or dress, flowy or fitted.


6.       Don’t Feel Limited To A Dress. Start off with a beautiful dress and then jump into a cute oversized sweater and leggings or belted tunic top with a fitted pant. Keep a neutral and natural look but feel free to switch it up for something different - whatever is your style!


7.       Prepare Two Outfits. Two different outfits for your maternity shoot can add some nice variety to your photos. You can prepare one casual and one more dressy outfit, or two dresses with different styles or colors. Just let me know beforehand, that you may like an outfit change during your shoot, so we can plan accordingly. 


8.       Comfort Is Queen! The most important thing is to be comfortable and choosing something you really like yourself in.  Especially during pregnancy, which is naturally uncomfortable, having a practical outfit selections will allow you to be comfortable during your shoot which will not only make the shoot more enjoyable but it will certainly show in the pictures. 


   Great places to shop for dresses?

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- Pro tip: For dresses that are not "maternity", buy one size up.


   Not interested in buying, here’s a great option for you:

Maternity Dress Rental | Rent Maternity Photoshoot Dresses (

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