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Milestone Session


A couple tips for milestone sessions:

- Outfits- Less truly is more! Neutral colors and fitted clothing items help to showcase your growing little in the purest way possible. For boys- I love overalls or jeans (no top). For girls- ruffled onesie or jumper/romper. Either way- baby is comfortable to sit and crawl as well as having all their tiny features out and oh so capture ready. :)

- Location- Your home! All I need is a blank wall and a baby. Truth be told- your home is where baby feels safest and most comfortable. This paves the way for all the best smiles, giggles, snuggles, and beyond.

- Time- After baby's first morning nap is best! And because attention spans are little so is the length of these sessions.

- Props- I bring a couple props- quilt, crate, and baskets- along with me. Aside from that this session is really designed around your baby and just how special he/she is!

I hope these quick tips help to prepare you for your next milestone session with me!


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