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Senior Session

Fort Wayne, Indiana

May 2020

I love reading to my daughter and some of my favorite books talk about all the things she could become, be, and do.

“…Will you stand up for good by saving the day?

Or play a song only you know how to play?

Will you tell a story that only you know?

Will you learn what it means to help things to grow?

Will you learn how to fly to find the best view?

Or take care of things much smaller than you?...”

I can only imagine that years ago this young lady’s mother read books like this to her too. I’m sure their eyes and hearts were stretched and brightened by the ideas of all she could become, be, and do.

And now- how proud and happy her mother must be to see the full array of divinely beautiful possibilities and potential come to life right before her eyes. But this I don’t have to imagine because I witnessed it just the other night.

Congratulations on your graduation, Tiffany!! You are beyond worth celebrating. Here’s to you!!

- Yvette Cherie

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