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Bridal Session

Fort Wayne, Indiana


I don’t know if everyone can relate to how I feel about this bride but other photographers out there may get it. She is someone I prayed for… And when my prayers were answered she proved to be both far better and brighter than I could have ever dreamed of.

See- I moved to Fort Wayne a couple years ago and outside of family I didn’t know anyone. I found myself looking to build my complete client base after just beginning to build speed doing so in Indianapolis. It was a very exciting and tiring time for this passion project of mine. I really don’t mean to complain but rather set the context so you can imagine the the sincerity and fervor of my prayers during this time. I needed someone I could build an entire client base around. Someone who believed in me and valued what I did and how I did it as much as I believed in the worth and power of preserving her wedding and their journey to it.

Tiffany and Aaron & their sweet love story came as the best answer and at the best time. I've celebrated and captured their engagement, Tiffany's college graduation and acceptance to physical therapy school, and now bridals. {My daughter says she now knows what Ariel- The Little Mermaid- looks like in real life.} They will always hold a piece of my heart. They - like so many others this year- had to sacrifice and shift plans and ended up moving their wedding to Florida to align with their honeymoon. Sadly- I wasn’t able to travel to capture it but— just as it was fated to—the day came and went and they are now a Mr. & Mrs. Wagner. My heart is so tender and full all at the same time. Here’s to you two!

-Yvette Cherie


Bridal Shop- One Fine Day; Designer: Stella York

Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist- Megan Sprague at Lily Mae Hair Salon, Fort Wayne

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