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Family Session

Fort Wayne, Indiana


10/1/2019: Inquiry for a wedding- including engagments and bridals- received.

10/2/2019: Response sent and planning begins. {Insert happy dance...}

11/9/2019: Engagment session. Beautiful, sunny afternoon in Headwaters Park.

5/9/2020: Tiffany graduates from college. {Way to go, Tiffany!} Graduate session on PFW campus. Another beautiful, sunny afternoon.

7/30/2020: Wedding is moved to Florida- small ceremony with only closest family, friends & Florida photographer- due to rising COViD numbers. Ceremony & Reception set for Fort Wayne in September 2021.

10/10/2020: Bridal session on a cloudy afternoon in preparation for wedding in January in Florida.

1/7/2021: Wedding ceremony in Florida.

7/2021: Reception date and location changed. No availability on new date so a family session is scheduled instead.

10/2/2021: Family session on beautiful, sunny afternoon {Are you noticing a trend?? :)}.

This is an outlined timeline of events with this sweet couple over the last two years but I doesn't begin to describe the respect, love, and gratitude I feel towards them.


Their love story:

Tiffany and Aaron met online. She always says their meeting wasn't some big, romantic happening. Romance isn't defined in the when or how but mostly & simply in the who. Tiffany knew within the first month of their relationship that Aaron was "the one".

On September 1, 2019 she posted- "Loving you is simple. I’ve been falling for you more and more every day for the past two and a half years and I can’t wait to keep falling for you for the rest of my life. I am so stinking grateful, honored, and over the moon with smiles and happiness to call you my fiancé. You’re changing my life in all the best ways, Aaron!"

See- years earlier Aaron had asked Tiffany to be his girlfriend on a simple strip of floral stationary. He tried to recreate that moment by asking her to be his wife- again- on a strip of floral stationary. She said yes! This post and declaration of their love was made on the very day he proposed to her as they entered the "Happiest Place on Earth" {for those of you who don't know- that's Disney World}. I'm pretty confident this was the storybook proposal Tiffany had always dreamed of.


Finally on January 7th, their 4th anniversary, Tiffany posted- "I married my best friend. I absolutely love being your wife, Aaron!"


I'm sure your heart is filling to the brim with warmth & love. {If not- you may want to get that checked out. :)} Just wait because I'm not quite finished...

Since our meeting they have bought a house, a car, and a dog {Welcome to the family, Winston!}; graduated undergrad and started grad school; and ended and started a new job. Their journey together has taught them so much but one reoccuring theme is this... It doesn't really matter what happens in life as long as you are doing it with "the one" you love. And what a blessing it is that they found each other!

I'm so grateful for you, Tiffany & Aaron! You have taught me so much and I can't to continue to be a part of your journey.

-Yvette Cherie

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