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Maternity Session

Carmel, Indiana

May 2020

Near the beginning of my sessions, I usually talk about the story of Peter Pan and how he uses his “happy thought” to fly. I then ask my client to think of their happy thought. (It makes for the best smiles & lights in eyes… ) My favorite sessions are when they share their happy thoughts with me. Usually it’s a loved one, sometimes it’s a favorite vacation spot, their affinity for music or dancing… I love hearing about all these things that make my clients’ lives full and happy.

Last night was a fun first for me. When I asked my client what her happy thought was she said- “Food”. She then proceeded to share her love of food with me

… Seafood… Fruit… Boba tea…

I have a feeling that having foodie clients is going to have my tummy grumbling by the end of our sessions. I was seriously so hungry after some time getting to know these two. They make such a sweet, perfect family! I can’t wait to meet their bundle of boy in July. I’m so grateful to know them.

-Yvette Cherie

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