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Bucher Family Home

Fort Wayne, Indiana


I knew from the moment Sydney reached out to me last June that we were going to get along very well. She is a great planner, communicator, and full of positivity and sarcastic humor. {No! We're not twins! :)}

She was interested in a pregnancy announcement, maternity, & newborn session which after a few questions decided to book all three. Lucky me!! {Insert happy dance here.}

Even summer heat and unpredictable weather couldn't stop us as after many planning- day, location, outfit- messages and just a couple weeks, we finally got to meet for their pregnancy announcement session. Sydney was just as I imagined only better. During the session she shared some of their fertility journey with me. Over a year of trying, doctor visits, testing, and two unyielding rounds of medication- this couple resigned to the unthinkable.

I'm sure you can all guess this is not where the story ended but rather where it began as a few months later they were beyond shocked to discover that Sydney was pregnant.

With each day and appointment, they fell more and more in love... And at every ultrasound they learned more about their baby. How much baby looked like a perfect mix of Sydney {Mommy} and Eric {Daddy} and how good baby seemed to be at hiding. :)

Independence Day became the perfect day and way to gather with their families to find out the gender of their sweet baby. IT'S A BOY!!

The preparations began for their son to be born in January 2022- including but not limited to moving into and readying their newly built home as well as scheduling an induction date should he try to stay past his January 13th due date.

Many growing baby bump pictures and videos were sent and fawned over in the months between their sessions. All sharing and showing of their ever-growing love and excitement for their always moving little boy.

All the while I prayed that both would make it through the rigorous process of labor and delivery safely and healthily. Thankfully but not easily as Silas was born by-way-of Cesarean birth on January 14th, 2022.

In their beautiful home, I had the honor of meeting their son, Silas, and capturing the three of them as a family. There are no words to describe the joy and love felt in their home that morning. {Exhaustion was felt too but that's kind of a given, right!?!}

I wanted to share their story to document just one reason why this family is so special to me but also to offer up some- even a glimmer- of hope to those on their own journey to parenthood. Please know you are not alone!

-Yvette Cherie

P.S. I'd like to say that starting off the New Year with a newborn session is the single best way to start the year. I'm so incredibly thankful for this family.

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