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Family & Newborn Session, In-Home

Fort Wayne, Indiana

October 2019

"Home is not a place, its a feeling."

Upon arriving at the Halsted home- I walked into an escape- an intentional space dedicated for the love and nurture of this gorgeous family. I could see & feel- quite tangibly- the love that these two parents have poured into every detail of their home- literally creating their very own heaven on earth.

It transported me back in time to when my husband and I were leaving our first home. I was sitting in the passenger seat of our car just bawling. I did not want to leave. My husband scooped me into his arms and whispered in my ear- "Home is not a place, its a feeling." I looked up at him like he was a lunatic. When he sensed my hesitancy he continued- "Yvette, those four walls and roof are just that without us in them. We are leaving this home together. We take with us all the love and intention that made this house a home which means we can do it again. Our next home will be just as love soaked and memory filled as this one. I promise." We have spent the last 6 years making sure we keep this promise to each other.

After being in the Halsted home- I know there are families all around the world who have made this same promise to each other. This sweet family is one of them. It is such a blessing to create & live in a home like theirs. I know this because I have one of my own.

Thank you so much for letting me visit your home & feel just a small measure of the love that is created & felt their each day. It was my honor!

Much Love,

Yvette Cherie

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