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Family Session

Fort Wayne, Indiana


"I wanna come home to roses And dirty little notes on Post-its And when my hair starts turning gray He'll say I'm like a fine wine, better with age I guess I learned it from my parents That true love starts with friendship A kiss on the forehead, a date night Fake an apology after a fight

I need a man who's patient and kind Gets out of the car and holds the door I wanna slow dance in the living room like We're 18 at senior prom and grow Old with someone who makes me feel young

I need a man who loves me like My father loves my mom

I want a road trip in the summers I wanna make fun of each other I wanna rock out to Billy Joel And flip our kids off when they call us old He'll accidentally burn our dinner And let me be the scrabble winner And when my body changes shapes He'll say, "Oh my God, you look hot today"

"Like my Father"

Song by Jax

I love this song. Seeing it come to life in this family makes me love it even more. Love is a legacy in this family, for sure!

-Yvette Cherie

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