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Engagement Session

Fort Wayne, Indiana

November 2019

Every couple is different and so is the story of how they met. Because every great love story reminds me of my own- I thought I’d share how I met my husband with all of you.

My husband, Jordan, and I were high school sweethearts. See- we met after he and my little brother collided at basketball practice one day. My brother lost his two front teeth. {Don’t worry about him. The crowns ended up being straighter than his other ones. Hehe!} Jordan gained a cool, “J”-shaped battle scar on his elbow. Its hard to believe this now but this really is the story of “how” we met. Jordan loves to tell it because of its cool and rather gory details. It has become quite the conversation starter… Believe me! But for me-- I much prefer the story- and the ways- of how I choose to love him more each day. Back then it was movies, butterflies & first kisses, late nights on the phone, & Subway sandwiches. And now it is dancing with our daughter in the kitchen, home projects & day dates, texts at lunch just to say “hello”, long hugs, & how he knows what I’m thinking by the look on my face. Our love really has become far bigger & better than I could have ever imagined.

I guess my hope in sharing my love story is that it will be something that this sweet couple can do too- spend the rest of their lives falling more in love each day. It really does make life worth living. I cannot wait to spend more time capturing their precious moments & journey to marriage. Happy wedding planning until then, Tiffany…

Much Love,

Yvette Cherie

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