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Extended Family Session

Carmel, Indiana


Rewind the clock to the end of April... I get a message from a past bride asking to book an extended family session for the end of summer. {Insert happy dance!} We, of course, reserved the date and began planning. In planning, I found out the inspiration for the session came as a Mother's Day gift for their mother-in-law. These two ladies planned and coordinated everything- outfits, location, and the shot list. On Mother's Day they gifted her a simple gift certificate for a family session to come.

There are so many gifts I've seen my clients create following a session:

canvases, magnets, mugs, blankets, large scale prints, ornaments, calendars, holiday cards.

This was the first time I've had a client gift an entire session. I'm in love with their genius and dedication so I thought I would share it with all of you.

Fast forward to Saturday, following 4 months of emails and preparation-

A sunny, warm Indiana day... nearly perfect family and session!

Beyond beautiful gift. Don't you agree?!?

-Yvette Cherie

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