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Newborn Session

In-home, Indianapolis, Indiana

April 2019

I read books- it’s kind of my thing. I learn a lot from reading and books seem to open up a part of my mind and heart in a way that few things seems to. Recently- I read an amazing book by Brene Brown called Braving the Wilderness. In it she discusses so many amazing and life changing topics- including authenticity, connection, & belonging. When talking about connection- and our need to step outside our comfort zone & make some- she introduced a couple ways she’s found true connection in her life. One way is through participating in collective events of joy. No one can say it better than Brene but these events are basically the times in our lives when we have an overwhelming draw or desire to feel pure & unalterable joy- the kind of happiness that draws others near to us for no other reason than they were there when it happened. Since reading this book my eyes have been opened as I try to find these times & events in life.

One I have found is attending high school basketball games. What a beautiful & unique experience it is to crowd inside a gym- surrounded by tons of people you don’t even know and some you may- to cheer for young men and women from your community who spend countless hours pouring their heart and soul into the mastery of a skill and sport they love. And you love it too, of course. The shared passion is what brings you there but it’s the community- the cheering, yelling, clapping, music, and the cheap yet satisfying concession foods- that truly make the experience. Needless to say- I spent more money on basketball games this year than on clothes AND I’ve also never loved my community & city more.

Another collective event of joy I’ve found is birth. Birth is truly a miracle. And the end result- a baby- is the freshest and squishiest reminder of how seemingly impossible things are possible and how quickly and easily love can be multiplied.

This is one reason- I have many more- why I offer birth & newborn sessions. I get to bask in the joy of the event while also preserving it so that the families can continue to remember it for years to come.

This handsome prince & his family brought so much joy to my Saturday. Thank you for that!

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