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Maternity Session

Fort Wayne, Indiana


All of our journeys in life look so different. It’s what makes it my story versus what makes it your story.

Last week- a water main line broke across the street. Our water was off for 7 hours {without notice} and when they did turn it back on... it didn't turn on at my house. Long story short, our pipes were "vapor locked"- which basically means that all our pipes were full of air and sewer vapors. The city serviceman came to our aid {thankfully!} and had us run water from every faucet {inside and out} for over an hour. You are probably worried about the cost of using all this water. So was I! When I called- the city kindly educated me to the fact that its my house if used her, its my water- regardless of all other facts surrounding the circumstance. I put on my big girl pants and did not cry on the phone to the city worker. I promise! Days later- our water heater had to be replaced because the city serviceman had to pull the pressure relief valve to relief the pressure put on the tank because it was filled with air. The valve failed and our water heater was too old to justify replacing just the valve. I know it sounds stressful and it was {believe me!} but my daughter and I did some reflecting and found more than one hidden blessing. These blessings reminded me of a saying I love.

No rain. No flowers.

Then I had to opportunity to work with this amazing family. For them- the last couple years have been a journey {with a capital J}. They have made it through fertility hurdles, a papillary tumor, and the lost of a finger in a freak work injury. If you didn't know that... you couldn't guess it by their smiles and excitement. This sweet baby is the sign that it's all been worth it-- all the work, struggle, and sacrifice.

No rain. No flowers.

I literally cannot wait to meet little Teddy next month!

- Yvette Cherie

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