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Birth Session

Fort Wayne, Indiana

March 2020

Ichi-go ichi-e: Japanese (n) meaning “one time, one meeting”; an encounter that only happens once in a lifetime, reminding to treasure ever moment, for it will never recur.

Birth is way better described by this Japanese phrase than any English phrase that I know of.

Well- other than the “perfect storm” as…

It is hard AND easy.

It is joy AND pain.

It is chaos AND calm.

But- one thing that birth is and is not mimicked by its opposite- is love. It is all love. Love is woven in the beginning, middle, and end which is why it serves as the perfect reminder to each of us to treasure every moment.

And- I was once again blessed with front row seats- an honor I both cherish and look forward to more- much, much- more of in the future. My heart will forever be tied to this day and this family.

-Yvette Cherie

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