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Family Session

Carmel, Indiana


My daughter wrote an acrostic poem for school last week & it brought back a bunch of nostalgic memories. So I thought it would be fitting to write a poem for this sweet family. It was so great to see them again & catch up. {Back story- We met this family a couple months before we moved up here to Fort Wayne. Super neat family!}

W- Warm- it was an unusually warm, fall day.

A- Affectionate- “the normal amount” 😉

L- Laugh out loud funny- seriously could not stop giggling.

S- Silly- lets just say I wasn’t the only one getting creative for smiles.

E- Extraordinary- truly one in a million.

R- Real- when they aren’t faking it… Lincoln, I'm talking about you buddy.

F- Friendly- in a world that isn’t always, they certainly go above and beyond.

A- Attractive- I mean, look at them!

M- Magnetic- hard to stop talking and let them leave.

I- Infectious- not to be confused with contagious.. haha!

L- Loving- you can really tell how much they love each other and others.

Y- Yay!- the word that came to mind when her email came in.

- Yvette Cherie

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