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Growing up in a tight knit community like this Alexis and Jordan had had many "nice" and "brief" interactions over the years- post-prom bonfires, passing chats in the YMCA hallways, and Hocking Hills camping trips. It wasn't until Jordan returned from a two-year service mission that fate brought them together again. What took Alexis one night of games to be prompted to realize took Jordan just a bit longer...

On a cold October night- the moon high and busy with chores in the barn- the "right" moment came. Jordan reached out for Aleixis' hand and asked her to dance. Alexis' glasses fell off at some point during their dance and as Jordan reached down to pick them he decided that he wanted the first thing for her to see was him on one knee. All in an instant-while slipping a ring on her finger he asked- " Alexis Danielle Steele, will you marry me?" Her answer- "Really?"

Really! Really!

The happenings of that night led to the clear, cold morning of November 26th, 2021. Jordan and Alexis promised each other forever in the Indianapolis Indiana Temple. These two were surrounded by their nearest and dearest as they took their first steps into married life. Just the day after Thanksgiving- it was obvious how grateful everyone was to be part of this blessed morning- myself included.

I wish you two many happy and fun filled years to come. Spoiler alert! Marriage isn't always sunshine and rainbows but it will bring you the most growth and happiness if you look and work for it. Promise! Go Aggies!! :)

- Yvette Cherie

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