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Newborn Session

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Fort Wayne, Indiana

January 2021

“Your life is a story. Write well. Edit often.”

I have been taking meals into a family who recently welcomed their first child into the world. We were talking and the new Daddy mentioned that he finds himself sifting through his past experiences and opportunities in an attempt to “edit” life for his little girl- giving her only the best of all he’s had and more. I related so much to his sentiment that I wanted to include it in this post.

After my daughter was born I remember holding her close and whispering into her tiny ear- “I wish I could spare you any and all hurt and pain and hard.” It didn’t take me long to regain my grip on reality and when I did I remembered that many of my most valued lessons in life I learned by traveling through the hard and pain and hurt. {Birth being a premier example, duh!?!} I knew then my job as Mommy was not to prevent or protect her from life but rather to lead her, love her, and learn with her and from her as she experienced it all- as she wrote her very own story.

I love watching other parents and families come to the same realizations and sharing in the discovery of them. There is nothing quite like loving a child.

-Yvette Cherie

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