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Family Session

Decatur, Indiana


I wanted to use this post to share a bit about my shooting style and why I choose the session times and locations that I do.

I understand that these decisions may seem picky to everyone not inside my head {haha!} but this professional particularity has come as a result of years of learning. Promise me! They are what helps me to create a consistency in my work and that decision was and is made with you in mind.

Let me explain...

When-- Best times of day

The best quality and color of light comes just after sunrise or just before sunset. It is even, golden, and unparalleled when its bursting over the horizon and through the leaves. This makes it the obvious choice which is why all my sessions are scheduled 1-2 hours after sunrise or before sunset.

How does knowing this help you?

If you have a young family with kids who have early bedtimes- you should plan to have pictures during the times of year when the days are shorter and the sun is setting earlier. This happens to be during the spring and fall seasons. Luckily for us- the spring and fall are equally beautiful in our city. Let me make it super easy by saying- April, May, September, & October are going to be your best friends. Please schedule at least 3 months in advance of these months and seasons. These are popular seasons and now you know why. {Besides the blossoming trees and changing leaves, of course!} :)

Where-- Best locations

We literally live in a city and state where the options for beautiful backdrops are endless. In Fort Wayne- the list of well-liked and used locations includes- Headwaters Park, Foster Park Gardens, Lakeside Park, and Metea County Park. They are beautiful! They are also fairly busy which is why I've spent many hours searching for locations that are equally beautiful but less busy. This allows me to focus on you the entire session.

How does knowing this help you?

I like to take into consideration the landscape features that you want and love. This is why I ask in the questionnaire I send with each confirmation. It definitely matters to me so be open in your expectations and I will do the uttmost to meet them.

Also- I will never turn down a request to shoot at any of the locations I've listed above but if you are open and willing to explore different locations-- I know you will not be dissapointed.

I hope this post makes booking with me just that much easier on you. :)

-Yvette Cherie

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