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Newborn Session

Fishers, Indiana


The decision to start our family was one that we definitely did not take lightly. We made pros and cons lists (not romantic but just how my mind works), watched & talked to other parents about their experience, read blogs and books, attended baby expos, and most importantly, we prayed.

Even with all the preparation- we couldn’t have imagined how much our lives and hearts would be changed with the birth of our daughter. There are genuinely no words to describe how blessed and humble we are to be her parents.

Becoming a mother has made me better in countless ways. And yet- my love for preparation still remains. It has even led me to write this post. Not so much as a part of my journey but to help you on yours and as you prepare for the arrival of your child.

What to Expect-

Leading Up To The Session: This is the time where I get to know you and your story. To create a vision around what you’ve always wanted, you can pick where you’d like the session to take place. I shoot in two locations-

1) Fresh 48 session. This session takes place in the hospital- within the first 48 hours after your baby is born. It is a documentary style session featuring mom, dad, and baby. This location is neat because it helps to show off the newness of it all- some of the very first cuddles and kisses.

2) In-home session. This session takes place in your home- commonly in your family room, master bedroom, and/or nursery. It is also documentary style featuring moments of mom, dad, & baby as well as some posed shots of just baby on a posing beanbag, in a basket, etc. I recommend that these sessions take place 3-5 days after baby returns home. This location is especially neat because it highlights you and your moments in the setting where Mommy and Daddy will essentially learn how to be parents and experience the full array of “firsts” together.

Your next big, fun decision is what you’d like to wear during your session.

Mom: For mom, soft neutral tones such as white, grey, and beige. These colors flatter & photograph beautifully against baby’s skin. A maxi dress, ruffled blouse, stylish sweater paired with leggings or jeans all while making sure that you feel both comfortable and beautiful.

Dad: For Dad, I recommend jeans and a neutral t-shirt or button-down shirt. Try sticking with a casual and comfortable aesthetic.

Baby: Simple and neutral pieces showcase baby’s features best. I do have an array of wraps, headbands (for baby girls), knitted bonnets, a beanbag & basket, and diaper cover. Have a white onesie, neutral knotted gown, and/or anything else that you would like to have photographed- sentimental baby blankets, toys, clothes, or accessories.

On the Day of Your Session: This session is designed completely around your baby- every moment, every pose. It will be a mix of lifestyle (your moments as they occur naturally) and posed (put into place & all looking at the camera) shots. For the shots of just baby- each shot will focus on his/her features- feet, hands, ears, hair, eyelashes, lips, expressions- basically anything and everything that makes your baby special and unique.

My style is similar but a little different from a standard portrait session in that when indoors I depend on window light to bring the glow to my images. On cloudy, dark days- I do bring studio lights to help keep the images bright and soft.

Regardless of the location and outfits you choose- your session will be unique to your baby and family. It will be beautiful.

-Yvette Cherie

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