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The Purpose of This Guide

Now- something I didn’t mention in the last section is that I love to plan. Believe me this is a good thing! Do you know why? Because it means that even before your shoot, I will be working with you to ensure that every picture counts. This also means that I want to help so please don’t hestitate to ask me anything.   That said- this guide was designed to be a way for me to transfer all that I know about making pictures- and the people in them- look great to you! First- it is going to take the guess work, and subsequent stress, out of having your pictures taken. You will know when, where, and what you will be wearing weeks in advance. Such a relief, isn’t it? Second- it will help you look and feel confident and comfortable every step of the way- but most importantly- on the day of your shoot. Third, and finally, it is a way to show you that I care. Because, I really do care. So- without further adieu, let’s get started. 

The makeup products and techniques that most people use- including myself- do not translate as well in a photograph. Here are a few changes you may want to consider making in your makeup routine for the session.


1. Apply your makeup in natural light.

2. Avoid using mineral/powder makeup products.

3. Use matte makeup products.

4. Play up your eyes by using neutral, satin shades.

5. Eyeliner- less is more. I recommend using natural tones that complement your skin tone, wardrobe, and surroundings.

6. Falsies and for those of us who aren't comfortable applying fake lashes use black, waterproof mascara. Using a new tube will provide a darker, more evenly distributed appearance.

7. My only advice regarding your eyebrows is- don’t forget to fill them in.  


We all love living in Indiana- that’s a given. The only challenge that the climate poses for photography- and in turn for you- is that of humidity and what it can do to our hair. (Yes! Not even I am immune.) Here are a couple tricks that will help to combat the effects of humidity and keep your looking great during our time together.    

PREPARE: This step depends solely on how you plan on styling your hair. You will definitely need to be thinking and planning ahead. Dirty hair- believe it or not- is the best base for your hair when you plan on curling or put it up. Dry shampoo is a must. 

It will keep your hair looking clean at the roots without robbing the ends of your hair of the texture it needs to maintain volume and curl.   For wearing your hair down and straight, the opposite stands true. Wash your hair. Blowdry it. Get it ready to represent you. 

PROTECT: Rest assured- flyaways and frizziness can be minimized simply and easily through the proper use of hair products. Depending on your hair type and hair care regimine- I recommend a  lightweight leave-in conditioner, oil, serum, or lotion before using any heat styling tools. These products are easy to find and will help to protect your hair while also giving it a polished look.  

STYLE: I recommend that you choose a style that suits you. One that makes you feel comfortable and confident. And- a style that will prove to be as timeless as the moments we will capture during our time together. 


Wardrobe can be the singular factor that stands between you and a great photograph. And- is second on my scale of importance to lighting only. Lets divide and conquer shall we! I will manage lighting and you can take wardrobe. On the next page I have highlighted some tips that will help you pick a wardrobe that will compliment you, the location, and your home- where your photographs will be featured for others to admire.  

1. Start by designing one complete outfit- an outfit that you LOVE! I usually pick an outfit for my daughter- which I make sure includes a subtle, yet fun pattern. Then I use colors from that pattern to layout and create mine and my hubby’s outfits.

2. Steer clear of bright or fluorescent colors. When choosing pink, green, blue , orange, or yellow as a color focus on the softer, lighter shades of these color for Spring and Summer sessions or- contrastly- the bolder, deeper shades of these colors for Fall and Winter sessions. When in doubt, text or email me a picture. :)

3. For outdoor shoots, be mindful of colors that may have a camouflaging effect -especially earthly browns, greens.

4. Purchase clothes to fit. Age and size is more fully represented when clothing fits. The perfect excuse to plan a trip to the outlets in Edinburgh.  

5. Complementary, yes. Matching, not so much. When picking a color scheme- try picking one or two colors that you like and look good in. Then use patterns, textures, and accessories to tailored into outfits to suit the style and personality of each family member. Some examples of complementary color combinations include- tan and denim, aqua and coral, yellow and blue, rose and olive, gray and black, and cream and light blue. So- find a color that you like/look good in and choose a color that is complementary to it.


6. Consider the season when you are choosing your color palette. Spring-  cool colors and delicate patterns. Summer- vibrant colors and fun accessories. Fall and winter-warm, neutral colors brought together with patterns and lots and lots of layering.

7. For newborns: less is more! This means your baby should be dressed in a diaper, a white onesie, swaddled in a blanket, or even naked.


8. Dress to impress! The better you feel, the better will present yourself and the better your photographs will turn out.


9. For women: Long, flowy dresses are flattery on most, if not all, female body types. Yes- this included glowing pregnant figures.


10. For men: Fitted pants and subtly patterned, collared shirts help men to look part of the photograph while maintaining their masculinity.


11. Footwear is as much a part of the photographs as other accessories. Pick footwear that suits the occasion, looks great and is comfortable to stand, walk, and sit in.


12. Finishing touches- socks and slips. Socks are seen so consider neutral shades. And- if you are wearing a skirt or dress, a slip is appropriate if it is not lined.    


Before you go- I have created a Pinterest board to help inspire you! {Click here!}    

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