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Inspiration taken from YCP Favorite Family Sessions from 2020

I realize that building outfits for an entire family can be hectic...

This post is aimed to make this process as smooth-sailing and care-free as possible for you. I have used some of my favorite sessions from last year to design color palettes as well as compiling an entire Pinterest board of color palettes and actual outfit inspiration. No surprise here but I am not a fashion expert but there are a ton of talented people out there so let's lean on their expertise to create beautiful moments.

{Top Picture: Medium Gray, Plum, Steel Blue, and Blush}

{Bottom Picture: Color Scheme: Royal Blue, Salmon, Cream, and White}

The palettes above are ideal for Spring and Summer sessions. Light/pastel shades pair beautifully with the vibrant blooms of spring and bright sun of summer.

{Color Scheme: Navy Blue, Rust, Beige, and Light Grey}

Compare this palette to the one just above it. The colors used here are the same only bolder and darker to contrast and complement the changing leaves and sun-faded grasses of the fall and winter. Also notice how these shades are paired with longer lengths- dresses, pants, and sleeves- and layers to keep everyone bundled up and stylish.

{Top Picture: Mustard Brown, Rose, Light Sky Blue, Light Grey}

{Bottom Picture: Navy Blue, Slate Blue, Antique Brass Brown, and Blush}

Here's another example for you. This family used a similar color palette as the family captured above it- only deepened the blues and grays and paired their outfits with layers- i.e. sports jacket, cardigan, and knitted tights.

{Top Picture: Hunter Green, Ruby, Navy Blue, and Medium Gray}

{Middle Picture: Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Khaki, and Cream}

{Bottom Picture: "Christmas" Red, Black, Gray, and White}

As I'm sure you can guess- these palettes are ideal for fall and winter sessions. The top and middle picture are wonderful examples of what I call "jewel" tones- those decadent, dark colors contrast well against the seasonal evergreens and beyond. The bottom picture is featuring a very cute "Christmas card" vibe with the traditional color scheme and wintery warm layers.

To continue to help and inspire you- I will share my favorite family sessions & their color palettes at the end of every season.

Also- here is a quick link for the Pinterest board I mentioned earlier in this post. {Click here!}

I really hope this helps & I can't wait to see all the outfits you build.

-Yvette Cherie

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