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Senior Session

Fort Wayne, Indiana

April 2021

I wanted to use this session as an excuse to talk about locations- as this session was Part II of a senior session series I did with this special girl. Her sessions showcase that we are blessed enough to live in a beautiful city with plenty of variety. There is no disputing this! {Here's the link to her Fall session with me!}

And when you book with me- I always discuss location with you. I genuinely care which city or nature features you prefer. It is- in part- my goal to match the current decor and established aesthetic of your home so that your moments will inspire you to print and display them there. But- please do not let this confuse you. Location is far less important to me than you. You are the focus of every single capture which means everything else is just a backdrop.

I am hoping that this clarification will help to alleviate some of the "stresses" associated with your session. When you are reminded that you- your genuine smiles and giggles, embraces, etc.- are my focus, it hopefully frees you up to follow suit and focus only on getting swept up and carried away by the moments.

-Yvette Cherie

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