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Family Session

Fishers, Indiana


I have had quite a few clients reach out and ask about what to wear to their session. This is one of the leading questions I receive year round so I wanted to use this post to help you all out.

The Dilemma:

Fall is a beautiful season and the perfect time to capture your family right before ordering Christmas cards. But that's not the only purpose for getting family pictures, right?

Digitally- these images will become your profile and cover pictures on social media. Printed- they will be sent to extended family and friends across the country, used to refresh your home decor by swapping out frames, ordering canvases, and getting a family yearbook designed. This year you even wanted to create a new tradition of gifting a family calendar to grandma and grandpa for Christmas.

Should you dress to match the season or all the ways you plan on bringing your moments to life?

The Solution:

Both!! Figuratively speaking-- you can bake your cake and eat it too. :)

Let me give you 3 easy tips to help you do just this.

1) Consider your home decor style and color schemes.

Look at the color scheme in your home and ask yourself--

Is your home decorated with muted or vibrant shades? Do you have a decor style or theme?

I am the furthest thing from an interior designer so simply put- I follow nature's lead to answer the above questions about asthetic and decor styling.

In the spring- everything is waking up and coming into bloom. These budding and bright tones lend to light colored walls; soft, fresh patterns; and farmhouse, shabby chic, and coastal home decor styling. Does this sound like you? If so- spring is your season to have family pictures taken.

In the fall- leaves are changing and everything is readying itself to sleep through the winter. These sublte and bold tones complement warmer, darker wall colors, patterns, and textures consistent with industrial, rustic, and modern home decor styles. Does this sound like your home? If so- fall is your season to have family pictures taken.

2) Picture your perfect day.

Is it bundled up in layers jumping into piles of leaves or wearing short sleeves and blowing dandelion seeds at the park?

{No one in their right mind blows these seeds in their own yard... Right??? :)}

If you chose the former- schedule your session in the fall. And the latter- schedule your session in the spring. Loving the activities and feeling of a season will always enhance your session which will leave your gallery full of the light and love you deserve!

These first two tips will help you not only choose your outfits but it will also help you choose the best season to have your pictures taken.

3) Dress to complement the season but try to avoid purely seasonal accessories.

I know matching flannels, pumpkins and hay bails, and Santa hats are cute on Christmas cards but just clash with... well... the rest of the year. This is why prop/seasonal mini sessions are so widely marketed. Your family session scheduled with me is not a seasonal, mini session so try to design your outfits with this in mind.

This does not mean you can't have fun accessorizing. Please do! Accessorize your spring outfits with all your fun favorites like sandals, chunky bracelets, headbands, fresh floral prints, and soft pastels. While in fall accessorize with layers of scarves, beanies, vests, socks, boots, and beyond.

Using these tips as a guide will help your finished images and galleries to have variety and contrast while also creating timeless moments to use in any and every way you can imagine.

Again- this post is perfectly illustrated by the family below.

P.S. Want even more useful tips and tricks like this? :) Click here!

-Yvette Cherie

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